General Facility Audit

Site Review/Audit services for self-storage facilities that will help pinpoint areas of your self-storage operation where profitability might be improved and maximized.

The On-site portion of the review usually takes less than a full day to complete, depending on facility size. The findings (data from reports, photographs, etc.) are then analyzed, organized, and compiled into a comprehensive, easy to understand report in which potential areas of profit leaks are pointed out, then suggestions/recommendations made.



Sales Training

Effectively managing a self-storage business requires expertise in many areas: administration, customer service, record keeping, and time management, to name a few.

None, however, are more important than salesmanship. Maintaining optimum levels of unit occupancy requires a sincere desire to provide customers with a storage unit that suits their needs by a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff.

We offer one-on-one sales training for self-storage management personnel with a proven track record of success.


Human Resource Selection, Interviewing & Hiring

The selection and hiring process today can be time consuming and tedious. Behler  also offers selection, interviewing, and hiring services for your operation.

Today’s employment market makes it ever more difficult to find qualified people to manage your business, and we can help.